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Vietnam – At a Glance

Largest City:Ho Chi Minh City
Major Cities:Hanoi
National Language:Vietnamese
Ethnic Group:Vietnamese
Area (KM):331212
Population (Million):96 m
Density (Per KM):290
GDP (Billion Doller):245.2 billion
Currency:Vietnamese dong
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):

In recent years there is an increasing number of international students applying to study in Vietnam. Due to fact that it is a very affordable place to live and study and also Vietnam has some highly regarded university, more and more students are showing interested to study in Vietnam.

About Vietnam

Vietnam, officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam is easternmost country on Asia. It has an area of 331,212 km2 and population of 95.5 million. It shares its borders with China, Laos and Cambodia. Hanoi is the capital city and Ho Chi Minh City is the most populated city and commercial hub.

Vietnam has a long history of internal conflict, most notably 1975 war when the country was divided into communist North and anti-communist South. The war was escalated violently which saw the extensive US intervention to support the South but ended with the victory of the North. 

However, since then Vietnam has a vast economic growth. It is one the fastest growing countries in the world. It has a high GDP growth rate. Today Vietnam is member of UN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and World Trade Organization. It also one of the most traveled tourist country in the world with rich natural beauty and world heritage site.

Top Reason to Live in Vietnam

The Climate

Vietnam lies between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, its sub-tropical climate means that it is warm all year round, day and night. It has two mains seasons, the dry hot season and the wet hot season. When the Monsoons come, it rains like cats and dogs. In an hour the streets can be a foot deep in water, but nobody minds. It will soon stop, the sun will come out and it will be dry again. The incredible lightning storms sometimes are breathtakingly beautiful. Weather was one of the main reasons to move to Vietnam. 

The Vietnamese

The people of Vietnam is the country’s biggest treasure. They are friendly, open hearted and always smiling. Students can expect to be greeted with waves and chatted to by complete strangers everywhere they get. They will be riding along on their motorbike and a family will overtake and all say hello, smiling and waving at them. Mums will point students out to their children in shops and on the streets. These people are wonderful, many of them have next to nothing and they will give students every help they need. These delightful people are certainly one of the main reasons to move to Vietnam. Seeing the ladies wearing the traditional Ao Dai dresses is a sight for sore eyes.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In the Ho Chi Minh City, entrepreneur reign supreme here. It is easy to start a business in here then the west in many ways. Food and Beverage, fashion, entertainment, fashion or journalism offer terrific opportunities for those interested to start a new business. There are business opportunities everywhere. 

The Scenery

Vietnam is one of the most scenically beautiful countries in the world. The variation here is outstanding, the terraced hills of Sapa, the glorious beaches, the incredible Mekong Delta and Halong Bay are simply wonderful. The jewel in the crown here, is Ninh Binh, and it hardly ever gets mentioned. In addition to the natural scenic beauty, there are buildings. Ancient Asian temples, unbelievable French colonial buildings and ultra-modern glass towers all coexist in a riot of architectural wonder.

Living Standards

There is absolutely no doubt that students will enjoy a much better standard of living in Vietnam than in just about any other country. They can rent rooms cheaply, eat cheaply and enjoy nights out for a fraction of the cost in the West. People seem to go out just about all the time here. Amazing restaurants, chic bars and cafés will be regular haunts for the students. Additionally in recent years, an amazing craft beer scene has sprung up. Breweries with names like East West, Winking Seal, Heart of Darkness, Phat Rooster and many others are everywhere to be found. 

The Food

Vietnam has an abundance of its own dishes, many are famous throughout the world. Students can eat on the streets for a fraction of what one would spend in the West. Delicious Pho, the beef noodle soup, is sold just about everywhere. The Vietnamese make delicious sandwiches using baguette style bread. Banh Mi are a throwback from the French colonial rule. The seafood here is especially high quality. The local street barbecues are truly brilliant. For those who prefer their own cuisines, there are many places offering food from around the world. They are priced a bit higher, but still inexpensive by Western comparisons. In Vietnam food is something of an obsession. 

Geographical Location

Vietnam is geographically placed within a short flight of many other amazing destinations. This is certainly one of the main reasons to move to Vietnam. People here fly off to exotic locations for the weekend. Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more truly amazing destinations will become local to anyone. All this plus the wonderful places in Vietnam, make this a magnificent base from which to explore.

The Expat Community

In addition to the Vietnamese business opportunities, there is the expat camaraderie that makes finding business contacts easier. Students may come here for one reason and find them self fully wrapped up in another within a couple of years. The friendship offered by expats is legendary especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Students will certainly not find it hard to make friends here. Street life can seem a little crazy at times, but the support they’ll get from the expats is one of the good reasons to move to Vietnam

Personal Security

Vietnam is an incredibly stable country, the risk of conflict here is minimal. Earthquake free and only suffering occasional severe weather conditions it is a very safe place to live. Crime rates are very low, attacks on women rare and serious crime rates also are low. Students will of course hear of pickpocketing and bag snatching, Keep belongings close at hand at all times and they’ll be fine. Like any big city, it’s best not to flaunt one wealth.

International Schools

The level of education here is extremely high indeed. There are numerous International schools offering British, American, Australian and other curricula. Generally speaking a child spending three years here will return home about 1 year ahead of their contemporaries.

Top Reason to Study in Vietnam

Ideal Budget Destination: Vietnam is a fairly cheap destination for traveling, studying, and living compared to most other countries in Asia. It is also filled with friendly people, affordable accommodation, cheap, healthy, and tasty food, and stunning landscapes that make it a standout choice among Southeast Asian study abroad destinations. In fact, Forbes ranked Vietnam as the cheapest place to travel in 2017.

Merit Scholarships And Incentive Policies: With the fast growth in Vietnam’s economy and globalization, leading universities and institutions have started to recruit international students to come and study in Vietnam, which makes the country comes closer to multi-culturalization and integration. This explains why Vietnam is offering scholarships and visa policies for students from many countries all over the world. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa) wants to recognize and reward outstanding students with annual scholarships. These scholarships support students’ learning & experiencing journey by covering tuition fees of study programs, either in part or in full.

International-standard Education: Vietnam is on the way of pursuing accreditation for more education programs. According to the latest update of Vietnam Government Portal on education (5 August 2016), Vietnam has 62 internationally accredited programs nationwide by prestigious organizations namely ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology certification, USA), AUN – QA (Quality Assurance In ASEAN University Network), FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), ISO 9001: 2008, etc.

Cultural Experiences: Vietnam is a country rich in history and traditions, dating back thousands of years and instilled with a deep respect for the land, the sea and their ancestors. Coming and living in Vietnam will enrich student’s knowledge and personal experience. Vietnamese cuisines make up an important part in deeply reflecting its culture. The cuisines are various from regions to regions, but they share two main similarities. First, steamed rice almost always makes most of every lunch and dinner. Second, most of Vietnamese dishes have a lot of fresh vegetables, which partly flavored the taste of the cuisines.

Requirements to Study in Vietnam

Students can apply for admission in any undergraduate course or higher education courses in any of the relevant universities in Vietnam. TOEFL, SAT, IELTS is the general requirements to start studying in Vietnam, whereas the marks required to get an admission in any of the recognized university depends on the university. Students have to check with each university for specific requirements.

Scholarship in Vietnam

Potential students have opportunity to receive up to 50% scholarship to study in Vietnam. Scholarship is given on merit basis as more meritorious students have higher chance to receive a scholarship which will be deducted from their tuition fees. 

Final words

Even though Vietnam is a relatively new in education market but that is exactly what make Vietnam a top choice for higher education. Student who decided to study in Vietnam now will take advantage of their low cost of tuition fees and living and higher chance to receive a scholarship which will greatly improve their affordability. 

For any admission, visa or scholarship information contact Faith Overseas and our trained counselor will happy to help.

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