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Study In <strong>University Canada West</strong>

Study In University Canada West

About University Canada West

University Canada West is a learning institute working with a clear goal to be a leading and respected institute in North America and recognize for its advance and efficient method of teaching students for professional-level careers and leadership.

UCW’s has a dynamic and practical learning environment. With small classes students receive one to one time with their teacher and build up a close bonded relation with their classmates. Professors have real life industry experience which they use to train students with their maximum potential and enable them to their highest skill. Skill students will need to progress in a challenging job marketplace.

Why University Canada West

Business-oriented, teaching-intensive learning

UCW is focus on relevant learning. Material can get outdated quickly, especially in a rapid moving environment on which UCW programs focus. That’s why UCW design their programs to meet the needs of the job market making sure students receive the most updated education possible.

UCW faculty has the highest experienced industry professionals who use their knowledge to their advantage. They provide with context for the students to study and even share the work experience with students. Students receive a more complete understanding of the job market they about to enter.

UCW also provide support students every step during their academic time period and help them with any query students have. They also help students to create a success resume and provide advice for job interview.

In the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant business community

UCW is settled in the heart of Vancouver, in the historic London Building, The University is easily accessible by any form of transit, and students will feel right at home surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment, shopping centers and gym facilities. Many large companies have offices in close distance from UCW’s downtown campus, providing students with easy access to a network of potential future employer.

Experienced faculty

The faculty of UCW is superb, teachers are able to nurture new talent by developing strong relationships with their students, and proficient in real-world applications. They are more than teachers: they also have extensive first-hand experience in business and maintain strong ties to Canada’s leading companies in order to provide students with real-time insight.

Faster program completion

Programs offers at UCW are delivered over four terms per year, which can reduce the duration students spend before they can enter to a job market.

PROGRAMS of University Canada West

  • University Access Program (English as Second Language (ESL))
  • Bachelor of Commerce (4-Year Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Business Communication (4-Year Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Master of Business Administration (Postgraduate Certificate / Master’s Degree)
  • Associate of Arts (2-Year Undergraduate Diploma)
  • UAP + Associate of Arts (2-Year Undergraduate Diploma)