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Study In <strong>Switzerland</strong>

Study In Switzerland

Switzerland – At a Glance

Largest City:Zurich
Major Cities:Geneva
National Language:German
Ethnic Group:Swiss
Area (KM):41285
Population (Million):8.5 million
Density (Per KM):207
GDP (Billion Doller):548 billion
Currency:Swiss Franc
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):1

If there is any country tick all the boxes in diplomacy, political transparency and a pioneer in world peace, Switzerland can be named the best among them. For centuries Switzerland is the center of bringing the people of the world together and trying to make the world a better place.

Maintaining an armed neutrality, not fighting any international war since 1851 and frequently involved in peace-building processes, Switzerland still believe one day mankind can be one united race in the world. Study in Switzerland is millions of student’s wildest dream.

About Switzerland

Switzerland is a land locked country situated in the Western, Central and Southern Europe. It has border with France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Switzerland has a total land area of 41,285 km2 and population of 8.5 million. Switzerland doesn’t have an official capital but Zurich is the largest city. 

In Swiss history the country was once ruled by the great Roman Empire till 1648. Since the 16th century however Switzerland has maintained a strong armed neutrality. Switzerland did not take part in any war since 1815 and didn’t join the UN until 2002.

However, Switzerland is the leading country when in come to advocating peace building processes in the world. They are the birth place of Red Cross, one of the oldest humanitarian organization in the world as well as the office of the UN in Geneva. 

Switzerland is one of the most developed country in the world with one of the highest GDP. They ranked top in many international metrics including human development and economic competitiveness.

Reason to Live in Switzerland

Work Opportunities

The most popular reason people choose to move abroad is often because of work. They may need to relocate to an office in a new country or they are simply looking for better job prospects.

Switzerland is very attractive if students are looking to get ahead in the job market, as their salaries can be double and even triple the salaries in other European countries in similar job roles. Those who are living in Geneva and Zurich are thought to have the average highest incomes in the world, mostly within finance, banking and insurance.


Switzerland boasts one of the best educational systems in the world. If students are emigrating they have an array of public, international university for them. They have 12 universities and 7 Higher Educational Institutions of applied sciences within the different regions of Switzerland.


Life expectancy is very high, 79 years for men and 84 years for women, showing they have a quality health care system. When moving to Switzerland is it compulsory for anyone to take out healthcare insurance within three months of relocating, but for expense this they can expect excellent standards, shorter waiting times and a high level of care.


The scenery in Switzerland has a lot to offer those moving there, it is famous for its dramatic mountains and calm lakes. The temperature does vary from different locations and tends to be warmer in the south and cooler in the north. Summers are normally Mediterranean and can reach temperatures of 30C in July and August, whilst January and February are the coldest months. 


If students are active and enjoy sports, Switzerland could be the country for them. They are well known for their outdoor and winter sport activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering as well as more traditional sports which are enjoyed by all. Switzerland attracts more than 8 million international tourists a year, many which are enticed by world famous ski resorts of Verbier and Zermatt.


Switzerland is a very multi-national country which is open to foreigners, currently more than 20% of the population is made up of resident and temporary foreign workers. There are also four official languages, including German, French, Italian and English. As English is widely spoken there are many opportunities for English speaking workers. However, it is always worthwhile try and learn some of the language of the local area to help you adjust to your new life.


Life in Switzerland is calm and the country is often voted one of the safest countries to live and raise a family in Europe. Violent crime is very rare, although there is some petty crime such as pickpockets in the more popular tourist areas. 


Switzerland is not only a safe country, it also has a history for neutrality and is home to one of the most stable democracies in the world. During the recent economic downturn Switzerland remained fairly unharmed making it a safe haven for investors and an economy that has fairly low job unemployment.


According to the Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland tops the list as the cleanest country in the world. The country has a reputation for its cleanliness and hygiene standards, as well as its care of the environment, which is sure to be attractive for those who care about living in an environmentally conscious country. 

Family Friendly

Many people choose to live in Switzerland to give their families a higher quality of life. Many British people who move here feel their children will be more secure and benefit from the advantages it has to offer in the future.

Higher Education in Switzerland

The higher education system in Switzerland is internationally renowned for its high academic standards, well-regarded research outputs and student-centered teaching methods. The overall education system in Switzerland is split into three categories: compulsory education, upper-secondary education and tertiary education, with higher education being concentrated completely at the tertiary level. 

Education in Switzerland is provided by both state-funded and private establishments, giving you a wide range of options to find the best program for the students. Both public and private establishments provide a comprehensive range of education at all levels with programs open to foreigners.

Top Reason to Study in Switzerland

Quality Education

Swiss universities offer a wide range of courses across disciplines, at various levels (undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral), and at different institutions of higher education like academic universities, universities of applied sciences, university of teacher education, etc. Some of the top ranking educational institutions of the world are from this country. Whether one wants to study hotel management or hospital management, MBA or Masters in Science or Arts, Switzerland will offer the best institutions and internationally accepted courses.

Best Student Cities

As it can be seen above, Zurich and Geneva are home to some of the Top Ranked Universities in the world. Not only they are home to Best Universities in Switzerland, Zurich has the famous Swiss Stock Market, the world’s fourth largest. Lake Zurich and Geneva are the main attraction to the cities. Lausanne and Bern are other mention-worthy student cities, with Lausanne being francophone culturally rich city and the Bern declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Student Cities in Switzerland are perfect mix of tradition and modern.

International Hub to the World

It is home to many international organizations from around the world, including FIFA. The other internationally significant city in Switzerland is Geneva. Home to the most number of headquarters of NGO, including the prestigious WHO and WTO, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization respectively. 

A Country of Innovation

One needs only to count the number of Nobel prizes that have gone to the citizens of Switzerland to understand what we are indicating at. It is not a country that believes in making education a dull and boring everyday affair that students must go through, for a certain number of years. Education in Switzerland is synonymous with thinking newly and differently, and leads to innovations that help humankind.

Career Options

This is the best part about studying in Switzerland. As a country whose standard and system of imparting education is not only renowned but also well respected across the world, a student passing out of any course finds himself or herself walking on the red carpet of the professional life, straightaway. This is a huge advantage when the general norm is to struggle and find a foothold in an industry.

Scenic Landscapes

It is a peaceful European country, placed right in the lap nature. With time, Switzerland has become modern, but has managed to retain its beautiful equation with nature. Spanning in eight countries, Alps mountain range has become a postcard image for Switzerland over the years. Leisure travelers, hikers and campers, or adventure sportsmen, Switzerland is the place for everyone who loves nature.


The Swiss lifestyle is a perfect balance between the industrious German and the relaxed French lifestyles. The country actively encourages a culture where all work is done on time and without corruption, but at the same time, the quality and enjoyment of living life is not compromised upon. Swiss themselves are adventure loving people, and you can find them roaming and hiking around the country, which makes it a lively place.

Location in Central Europe

Switzerland is located in central Europe, and it is landlocked. Switzerland shares its borders with five countries of EU: Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, and Germany. Moreover, it is very well connected with all of these countries. Students can hope in a train and take a trip to any of these countries. Switzerland literally puts rest of the Europe to your doorstep.


Study in Switzerland is a synonym to diversity. Officially, there are 4 languages and 26 federal states. Add to that a large population of international students, and the country becomes a global village in a true sense. People from different ethnicity and cultures make Switzerland a country where one can make friends from different countries and learn many things with the interchange of the cultural influences.

Safest and Happiest Country

Last but not the least, with all the perks above, there is no doubt that Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world. Along with that, Swiss policy of staying neutral makes it one of the safest countries in the world. Whether students can roaming around the streets or the Alps, they will feel safe in Switzerland. For international students, it is one of the most essential reasons.

Requirement to Study in Switzerland

To be accepted to a university in Switzerland at the bachelor’s level, candidates must possess university-qualifying foreign secondary education leaving certificate recognized as equivalent by the university. For master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree is required, sometimes in a relevant discipline to the master’s program of student’s choice. 

Depending on the course, a good knowledge of the language of instruction is a prerequisite as well. Most of the schools require a B1/B2 certification level, according to the European language passport (Europass), although some Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are taught in English.

Students may be asked to take a language test/certificate such as the IELTS or TOEFL® Test before being admitted into a program, depending on the program’s language of instruction, and the language of student’s previous education. Applicants should contact their selected university well in time for further information about language requirements.

Final Word

Even though Switzerland is not a part of EU it is a part of Schengen country which make Study in Switzerland one of the most desired destination by international students. As their outstanding higher education system and strong economic stance it is the best place for any students to build their success academic and professional career.