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Study In <strong>Netherland</strong>

Study In Netherland

Netherland – At a Glance

Largest City:Amsterdam
Major Cities:Amsterdam
National Language:Dutch
Ethnic Group:Dutch
Area (KM):41865
Population (Million):17 million
Density (Per KM):421
GDP (Billion Doller):1 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):1

About Netherland

Netherland situated in the northwestern corner of Europe surrounded by Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea. Netherland has a population of 17.34 million and a total area of 33,700 km2. Formally known as Holland, most people speak in Dutch.

Netherland is one of the developed countries in the world with a mix market advance economy. It is the second-largest food and agriculture exporter in the world. People of Netherland enjoy social, economic and press freedom and one of the happiest countries in the world.

Living in Netherland

  • The Dutch people are friendly
  • The Dutch directness is very welcome
  • You can speak English in the Netherland everywhere
  • Cycling is practically a Dutch tradition
  • The Netherland offers good organization and infrastructure
  • The work-life balance in the Netherland is one of the best in the world
  • The Netherland is known for its safety and tolerance
  • It’s easy to travel all around Europe from the Netherland
  • It’s simple to find a job in the Netherland as a foreigner
  • Universities in the Netherland teach in English

Education System in Netherland

Research-oriented higher education is provided at 14 Dutch research universities in the Netherland, including the Open University, although these institutions also collaborate with universities of applied sciences.

Most research universities offer study programs in various areas of specialization, such as economics, law, medicine, language & culture, and natural sciences and management. One research university specializes in agriculture and the environment, while 3 universities offer largely technological programs.

University colleges also provide research-oriented higher education and are generally part of a research university. These colleges offer English language education and are mainly focused on undergraduate liberal arts programs.

Why Study in Netherland

  • Lots of English-taught programs
  • Well-taught and quality programs for cheap
  • Unique ways of teaching and learning
  • An open-minded country that welcomes international students
  • Good world (university) rankings
  • The world leader in technical courses
  • Central location on the map
  • Cheap student housing
  • Student Grants
  • Amsterdam is one of the best student cities in the world

Netherland Study Requirements

If any student is interested to study in Netherland, they need to fulfill some requirements. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are popular in Netherland. Most of the institutions in Netherland ask for a minimum mark of 60% for direct entrance to both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

For lack of the above-mentioned marks, Dutch institutions are offering international students to study in Diploma/ certificate programs/ Postgraduate Diploma. Most of the institutions want 6.5-6.0 in IELTS.

Scholarships in Netherland

The French government offers scholarships to study in Netherland. So international students can apply and study in Netherland. In Netherland international students can receive a scholarship from the Dutch government, the scholarships are always available.

The scholarship is both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The students who have completed the graduation, they can apply for master’s scholarships in Netherland. Students from Bangladesh choose Netherland to study because of the best quality. If they get the scholarship, the study cost in Netherland gets lesser.

Many students study in Netherland from Bangladesh with a scholarship. The students can apply for Ph.D. programs. If the students have an excellent academic result, they can apply for Ph.D. scholarships in Netherland.

Why Netherland is good for Bangladeshi Students

Netherland is a wonderful place for Bangladeshi students to study. Low cost of living, low tuition fees, more relaxed immigration, and part or full-time work opportunity makes Netherland one of the most attractive destination for Bangladeshi student for study.

List of Universities Students Can Apply to Netherland