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Study In <strong>Italy</strong>

Study In Italy

Italy – At a Glance

Largest City:Rome
Major Cities:Milan
National Language:Italian
Ethnic Group:Italians
Area (KM):301,340
Population (Million):60m
Density (Per KM):201
GDP (Billion Doller):1,989 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):1

About Italy

Officially Italian Republic, Italy situated at south central of Europe consisting of Alps and surrounded by several islands. With a land area of 301,340 km2 and population of 60 million it is third most populous country in European Union. Italy has border with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Vatican City and San Marino. Rome is the capital of Italy.

Historically Italy has the most known and dominance civilization known as the Roman Empire. For centuries Roman Empire conquered, ruled and expand over Europe and became a leading cultural, political and religious center. For period time under the Roman Empire Italy’s law, technology, economy, art and literature developed. However, by 11th century the Empire ended by numerous rival state war, civil unrest, foreign conquest of the region. 

Modern Italy considered one of the world most culturally and economically advanced countries. It has very high rank in quality of life, healthcare, life expectancy and education. Italy is known to be eighth most powerful military state in the world. They are member of UN, NATO, OECD, WTO, G20 and many more international organization. Due to its cultural wealth it has world largest number of World Heritage Site and fifth most visited tourist spot. 

Top Reason to Live in Italy

Italy’s heritage

With thousands of years history Italy is a country of well-established heritage. There is about 51 world heritage sites in Italy which is largest in the world. Villa Roman del Casale in Sicily, the Roman and medieval rock drawing in Valcamonica, Lombardy and medieval Basilicaof San Francesco in Assisi in few of many most visited site in in the world. 

Fascinating cities

Verona and Venice, and the historic centers of Florence, Naples and Rome, are few Italian city which is a world heritage sites on its own. These are few of the world most beautiful city where something to admire in every corner.

Diversity of the landscape

Dolomites and the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily is two of the four natural world heritage sites in Italy. From the Alps mountain range in the north, to the plain of the Po Valley, to Italy’s Mediterranean coast and islands, Italy’s landscape is truly diverse. There is even has a active and dormant volcanoes. Traveling students can go for skiing in the north in the winter and enjoy sunshine in south during summer.

The weather

Italy has relatively mild weather all year around. The average temperature is about 8°C in Rome and a balmy 13°C in Palermo, Sicily in Januray.

Italian Food

Pizza, pasta dishes and breads like focaccia and ciabatta are all originated in Italy. There are also sweet treats like biscotti, amazing cheeses are also very popular in Italy. Students can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine everyday right around the corner or learn to cook obtaining ingredients locally from a farmer’s market.

The people

Italian people are known to kind and friendly to immigrants. They will kiss on the cheek as a greeting to people they just met and not afraid to make physical contact. It provide a worm sense of friendship. 

The importance of family

Italy is a very family-oriented country. This means that they make the effort to spend time together and thus achieve a better work-life balance than many other countries. It also means students will find that children’s’ needs are well catered for when they are out and about.

The universities

Italy is one of best place to study as they have some of the best university in the world. Politecnico di Milano, Università di Bologna – thought to be the oldest university in the world, and Sapienza- Università di Roma are top three university in Italy. And Italian university welcome international students.

The language

The Italian language is one of the cutest and most pleasant languages to listen and speak to. Its musical and expressive quality lends itself so well to a myriad of emotions, and has been the vehicle for numerous masterpieces of literature, by writers such as Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. Moreover, Italian is one of the easier languages to learn due to the clear way in which it is enunciated and its relatively uncomplicated grammatical system.


Italians are well-known to be passionate people, not shy at expressing their emotions. This may take foreigners aback at times, but at least people know where they stand! This passion has also been channeled into Italian food, architecture, culture and art, making Italy the fascinating country it is today.

Italian Higher Education

Italy has some of the highest ranking university in the world who take pride in their heritage. Founded in 1982, The University of Rome Tor Vergata offer dozen of courses to international students, many of them is in English. This university has a high student’s satisfaction and well above average success rate of employment rate making is one the best destination for international students.

There is some the best business school in Italy ranked top in Europe. Including SDA Bocconi in Milan. Its MBA programs is ranked top globally and in Europe as well. There are many other universities in Italy are known to equally top ranked with their UK or USA counterpart offering many world recognized programs specifically for international students. There are about 500 English taught study courses offers in Italian University.  

Top Reason to Study in Italy

Top universities with an impressive international environment

Italy has many world top ranked public and private university which is very popular to international students for its study location and for multicultural environment.

Affordable destination for international students

Even though it is European Union, Study in Italy is much cheaper than UK or other developed European country. It apply both on tuition fees and living cost.

Easy ways to travel the country

Due to its location and land connection to other countries it is very easy to travel to other European city from Italy. During holyday many students travel many European destination by bus or train which is cheaper then air.

A country full of heritage sites

While living in Italy students take advantage to visit many of the UNESCO world heritage sites. There is about 51 heritage site in Italy more than any other country.


Italians are known for their famous pizza. Pizza in Italy is also more refined. Italy is best place to test real authentic Italian pizza.

Late nights Parties

Compared to other countries in the southern part of Europe, life in Italy starts and ends late in the evening. After 8 pm the streets are full of life, and sometimes this is the time when the city come to life. In many other European cities, at 6 p.m., the city looks like it switched off all of a sudden. 

English-taught degrees

In Italy there is about every course can be learn in English so international students have no problem to find one they want to study. Form Arts to Computer engineering every course is available in English.

The ridiculous graduation ritual

In Italy there is some of the ridiculous graduation ritual student have to take. Even though it’s ridiculous but sure it’s fun and only can be found in Italy.

Surrounded by arts, architecture and fashion

Students who wants to study in Arts or architecture or fashion, Italy is literally home of for those degree. Italy is the definition of Arts and Fashion and home of the largest heritage site in the world. 

Great place to meet people

Italy is one of the most romantic places on earth. After all, Shakespeare’s most famous work ‘Romeo and Juliet’ talks about a love story that happened in Verona, Italy. 

Entry Requirements for Italian Universities

Bachelor Studies

In order to meet entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree at an Italian university, students must successfully have completed upper secondary studies, have a valid school leaving certificate and qualify for higher education studies in their home country.

Keep in mind that many bachelor’s level programs in Italy are only offered in Italian, and students may need to prove their language abilities through a certified language test in order to be accepted to their program of choice. 

Master Studies

To study a master’s degree at an Italian university, students will need to have a relevant bachelor or equivalent degree certification. Many Italian universities offer a wider breadth of programs in English at the master’s level.

If student’s previous studies were not in English, they can prove their proficiency by taking a recognized English language test like TOEFL® or IELTS. They should confirm what language test scores are recognized by their institution with their international office.