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Study In <strong>Dalian Medical University</strong>

Study In Dalian Medical University

About Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University founded in 1947 as Kanato Medical School. It was reestablished in 1978 as Dalian Medical School and renamed in 1994 as Dalian Medical University. The main campus of Dalian Medical University has over 1,300 permanent teaching staff and with over 14,000 full-time students including 8,200 undergraduates, 4,500 postgraduate and over1,300 international students. It is one of the largest and top-ranked medical universities in China.

It has more than 30 science and technology platforms including a national-level international joint research center, national-level international science, and technology cooperation base, Liaoning Province university major science and technology platform, and Liaoning Province translational medicine research center, etc.

The university vigorously promotes education internationalization and widely carries out domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, it has established friendly cooperation relationship on teaching, scientific research, medical care and talent training with more than 100 universities from 30 countries and regions, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Russia and Japan, ets.

Dalian Medical University is approved by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council

Why Study MBBS in Dalian Medical University

  • DMU is eligible for any medical licensing examination and globally recognized.
  • It is on par with any western higher education in medicine.
  • Living costs and tuition are considerably lower in China than some of the western counterparts.
  • Lot of quality hospitals for internship available.
  • Dalian Medical University has a colorful and fulfilling campus life with 4-season weather.
  • Study in a multicultural society with excellent public security.
  • Study and explore the long-standing history and culture of China.
  • Work opportunity.

Conditions of International Students Scaling

DMU is listed the number one medical school in the Northeastern territory with the most international students and number of countries from where the students are enrolled; it also has the percentage of international students coming from a single country lower than 12%, which makes DMU International Education College a diverse multicultural environment that shows acceptance to all countries in the world.

Over a decade, Dalian Medical University has shown extraordinary progress toward international education. To this date, there are 1260 international students enrolled in DMU with graduate students reaching to 12.5%. Students come from all across the five continents of the world for over 100 countries.

Admission Requirement of Dalian Medical University

Undergraduates: (Chinese medium)Age

18-25, With an educational background equal to high school graduation in China, and Band III certificate in HSK (Examination on Chinese language level)


( English medium)Age: 18-25, with an educational background equal to high school graduation in China,10+2 exam result should be GPA 4.9/5.0

Master degree

Candidates with an educational background equal to a bachelor degree from Chinese universities, having passed the enrollment test for Postgraduates for M.A., recommended by 2 university professors, and Band VI certificate in HSK.

Doctoral degree

Candidates with an educational background equal to M.A. scholarship from Chinese universities, qualified by assessment, recommended by two university professors, and Band VI certificate in HSK.

Refresher course

Students with junior college scholarship, or experienced on medical practices

Clinical interns

University students

Short-term Chinese course

For the people who are eager to learn the Chinese language, no consideration of experience or education is needed.

PROGRAMS of Dalian Medical University

  • Clinical Medicine (MBBS, September Intake ) (Clinical Medicine)
  • Stomatology (BDS in English) (Stomatology)
  • Clinical Medicine (MBBS, Spring Intake) (Clinical Medicine)
  • Nursing (Nursing)
  • Biotechnology (Nursing)
  • Public Administration (Public Utilities Management)
  • Oral Medicine (Oral Medicine)
  • Pharmacy (Pharmacy)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Laboratory Science)
  • Medical Imaging (Medical Imaging)