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Study In <strong>Cyprus West University</strong>

Study In Cyprus West University

About Cyprus West University

Cyprus West University was established in 2015 and located in Northern Cyprus. As a higher-education institution, it symbolizes the contemporary aspect of Cyprus which is a historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean.

The university has 8 programs (4 Faculties and 1 School) offering undergraduate degrees. The medium of instructions is in Turkish and English. Moreover, the English Preparatory School is available for students who require to improve their English.

The university is providing many services for instance student development and counseling center, health center, psychological counseling and guidance center school bus and library and computer laboratories. These services allow the students to interact and know many cultures.


The Cyprus West University is committed to providing services to the society with self-confident students and academic staff who have social responsibility within the light of individual thinking and open to interdisciplinary approach also who can contribute to science, artistic production and technological innovations at national and international level.


Cyprus West University will carry out academic activities with an innovative, interdisciplinary educational design which is sensitive to the needs of the people of the country, with a liberal and participatory corporate culture that respects diversities and beliefs.

The information produced in this area will provide the opportunity for the students to receive a world-class education and to have the knowledge and skills to compete in their professional careers across the world.

Top Reason to Study in Cyprus West University

An Education Focused on Real Life and Sector

The business world and students want an education closer to real life. Increasing the emphasis on internships and projects in universities and increasing the number of co-op programs combining working life and education.

Internationalized Education

Due to the importance of international experience in the global world and the increase in students’ mobility, Cyprus West University establishes new relations with foreign institutions and other universities based on the principle of mutual win-win to support exchange and two or three partner programs as well as dual courses, minor programs.

Individualized Education

Cyprus West University is dedicated to offering a range of training programs consisting of a dual, minor, exchange, dual diploma and many elective courses, to assist the students to develop their personal competence and ability. In the future, the quality and quantity of these alternative programs will hopefully increase in line with the demands of the new generation.

Importance of Certificates and Badges instead of Diplomas

Today and in the future institutions will be recruited based on competence and skills instead of ‘classic university degree. The number of institutions which provide badges and certificates will increase and education needs to be divided into small packages.

For example, the search for a “computer engineer” for a company which wants to develop an iPhone application or an Android application will not solve its problem. The university student who differentiates himself makes the world different.

Training Entrepreneur Focused Program

Unemployment around the world is very critical (about 3 billion people want to work, but only 1.2 billion people are working.) Employment opportunities must be created each year in developing countries. For example, 750 thousand new job opportunities have to be created each year for our country.

The only way to achieve this is to create high value-added techno-initiatives.  Universities should target entrepreneurs as well as research projects.

Training Model with Time Fluid

A strict academic calendar is currently being implemented. The training started in September is designed as 14 weeks, each program lasts 8 semesters. In the future, the student will be able to take the courses and the exam at any time (semester, day and time) according to his/her time schedule. Everyone will be able to get a bachelor’s degree in a longer period of time or in 3 or 2.5 years.

Divisibility and Portability of Programs

A typical undergraduate program consists of 240 credits from the same university. In the future, however, the student may complete his first year at university A, second year at university B, and second semester with an exchange program at the C university in Europe.

Top Educational Overview

It will be entrepreneurs, not states or big corporations that will allow the world to emerge from the economic depression it has fallen into. But to be a successful entrepreneur, the students need to be highly educated and establish a recognizable personality in the academic world.

Hybrid and New Course Models

Multi-registered open online courses are becoming increasingly popular. Many universities began to prefer hybrid models where on-line and off-line systems were blended in different ratios according to the subject and the course.

In the model of education, the course shifts the part of the cognitive part which is easier before the lesson, to the off-line system, and the more difficult parts to the course and turns the role of the teachers into a mentor rather than a lecturer.

High-quality video broadcasts and holograms, which are expected to be used more effectively in the future, will add new dimensions to education in universities.

Cyprus West University Ranking and Recognition

  • Ranked 33 in the country
  • Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research ATLAS
  • International Accreditation Council for Business Education IACBE
  • European University Continuing Education Network EUCEN
  • International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies INQAAHE
  • United Kingdom National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison UK NAR

Cyprus West University Courses

Undergraduate Programs

  • Civil Aviation Management
  • Business Administration
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Associate Programs

  • Justice
  • First Aid and Emergency Aid
  • Anesthesia
  • Operating Room Services

Cyprus West University Admission Requirements

For Bangladeshi students Cyprus West University requires students to complete Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) (intermediate) Exam with 60% marks.